Man breaks into funeral home and has sex with a corpse: Prosecutors

Authorities in the United Kingdom say a man is in custody after allegedly breaking into a funeral home and engaging in sex with at least one of the deceased bodies inside.

According to the BBC, 23-year-old Kasim Khuram was arrested in response to the alleged crime, which occurred last month at the Co-Operative Undertakers on Walsall Road in Great Barr, Birmingham.

Prosecutors in the case say Khuram has confessed to the crime, pleading guilty to one count of sexual penetration of a body as well as a count of burglary.

A judge confirmed he faces a potentially “substantial” period of time behind bars, but sentencing won’t take place until next month following a psychiatric probe.

According to a source with the Crown Prosecution Service, the suspect forced his way into the business and “lifted the lids of multiple coffins and sexually penetrated one of the corpses.”

Baljinder Kaur described it as “an unusual case” with ample evidence to elicit a guilty plea from the suspect.

He said it would be “difficult to imagine a more distressing violation of a loved one,” directing thoughts toward the deceased person’s loved ones.

A Central England Co-operative spokesperson thanked police for their quick action and credited an effective security system for immediately sounding the alarm.

“Our primary concern is for the families we serve and the welfare of our funeral colleagues who have all been deeply affected by this incredibly disturbing and unprecedented event,” the source said.

The suspect’s presence reportedly triggered an alarm, which in turn prompted the arrival of police who found Khuram still at the scene.

[Featured image: Kasim Khuram, West Midlands Police]