Mom says she left kids, 4 and 7, home alone all day — watching ‘Home Alone’ — while she went to work

An Indiana mother is speaking out after she was arrested for allegedly leaving her two young children at home unsupervised while she went to work earlier this month.

According to WFLA, 25-year-old Taylor Cumings was locked up after leaving her 4- and 7-year-old sons at their Muncie residence for a full day last week.

She told WISH reporters that the youngest, Kamron, was sick and could not attend school. Adding that she was “worried sick,” she said she kept Tyruse out of school to take care of his younger brother.

Cumings said she did not have a babysitter to step in at the last minute and had to make it in to work that day. Police reported that the children were found on the couch watching the movie “Home Alone.”

“I felt that for a day he was fine,” she said, acknowledging that her rationale makes little common sense.

“To say that a 7-year-old is mature enough to watch a 4-year-old sounds absolutely outrageous,” she said. “I totally understand people do not know me or my kids.”

She went on to defend her decision by claiming that her two kids know “not to touch the stove” or other hot surfaces and “know not to answer the door for anybody.”

That included when authorities arrived at the home, prompting Tyruse to call a relative.

“When the police arrived he knew not to answer that door until my aunt showed up,” the mother said.

Calling the experience “humiliating,” Cumings said she has learned her lesson and will not leave her kids alone again.

She concluded by pushing back against those who question her parenting.

“It was made a joke right now that I’m a bad parent,” she said. “And none of that is true.”

The Smoking Gun reports that she is facing two criminal counts of neglecting a dependent and was locked up with bond set at $10,000.

[Featured image: video screenshot]