Patrick Frazee’s co-worker says murder arrest is a ‘shock,’ claims Kelsey Berreth’s accused killer was primary caregiver to their 1-year-old daughter: Report

A colleague of the Colorado man arrested on suspicion of murdering Kelsey Berreth says he is shocked at the developments in the investigation.

Clinton Cline, the president of Cripple Creek’s Two Mile High Club, spoke to local news station KOAA about Frazee, who reportedly worked for his company as a farrier, someone who provides equestrian hoof care. Frazee and Berreth were engaged at the time she went missing, but did not live together, and share a 1-year-old daughter. At a press conference announcing Frazee’s arrest on Friday, authorities said they believe Berreth, who has been missing since Thanksgiving Day, is no longer alive and that they suspect a crime took place at her Woodland Park home.

“It was a shock to me when I found out that one, she (Kelsey) was missing. Then especially a shock whenever I found out that two, they thought that they had evidence that says he was the one that they’re suspecting of her disappearance,” Cline told KOAA.

Cline said further that he believed Frazee was the primary caregiver to his daughter with Berreth, a claim not previously reported.

“He took real good care of her (Kaylee). I mean, he had a little jumpsuit for her and put extra socks on her,” Cline said.

Over the weekend, authorities in Twin Falls, Idaho, announced they would be assisting in the investigation as evidence was found in the area. The statement did not indicate what type of evidence was found. On November 25, three days after Berreth, 29, went missing, her cell phone pinged near Gooding, Idaho, which is about 45 miles from Twin Falls.

On the same day, Berreth’s phone sent text messages to her employer, stating she would not be coming to work that week, and to Frazee. Authorities have not revealed the contents of the message sent to Frazee.

In addition to a first-degree murder charge, Frazee has also been charged with solicitation for first-degree murder, and authorities said at Friday’s news conference that additional arrests were possible.