Man uses fake Instagram account to stage crossbow attack; victim’s twin brother finds him dead in driveway: Cops

Authorities in Michigan say a suspect has been arrested for the murder of a Muskegon man with a crossbow earlier this week.

According to Fox News, 20-year-old Maxwell Olmstead arrived at his twin brother’s residence in Norton Shores on Wednesday to find Marcus Olmstead dead.

Authorities launched an investigation that pointed to 20-year-old Grant resident Nyoky Bull as a suspect. As WOOD TV reported, the suspect is accused of pretending to be someone else and luring the victim outside of his home for a deliberate ambush attack.

Kristi Ferry, the victim’s mother, was in court for an arraignment hearing on Friday and described Bull as “twisted” and “a monster.”

An initial police statement pointed at jealousy as a possible motive for the killing and alleged that Bull bought two bolts used in firing a crossbow prior to killing Olmstead.

The chief trial attorney for the Muskegon County Prosecutor’s Office said there “was some premeditation and deliberation that went into the planning” of the homicide.

Matt Roberts went on to allege that the defendant posed as his own girlfriend to communicate with the victim earlier on the day of the murder. The 18-year-old woman is being considered a witness and not a suspect by investigators.

Roberts said Bull “took over her Instagram account in order communicate with the victim and posed as her in order to get him to come out of the house that night.”

Once Olmstead was outside, Bull allegedly fired the crossbow once, striking the victim in the abdomen and killing him.

Maxwell Olmstead arrived at the residence that evening and found his twin lying unresponsive in the driveway.

As of the latest reports available, Bull remained behind bars at the Muskegon County Jail without bond.

[Featured image: Nyoky Bull, Muskegon County Jail]