[WATCH] Cop narrowly avoids collision with train when warning signal malfunctions

Authorities in Illinois say a technical malfunction led to a frightening near miss at a railroad crossing last month.

As the Chicago Tribune reported, Mokena police officer Peter Stranglewicz was one of a few vehicles nearly struck by an oncoming Metra commuter train on the morning of November 9.

He posted footage from his cruiser’s dashboard-mounted camera in a widely shared Facebook post.

“Throughout my life, I’ve had very little luck,” Stranglewicz wrote. “I’ve bought tons of raffle tickets, from little league tickets to charity raffles. Every lottery ticket was a loser. I just thought I wasn’t born with luck at all.”

He went on to claim that the recent brush with death was evidence that he did have luck and was “just saving it all up for the perfect time.”

As Stranglewicz concluded, if he never wins anything else in his life, he is “perfectly fine with that.”

The video shows him swerve left as he notices the train barreling toward the intersection, crossing over a median and into an oncoming lane, missing the locomotive by just a few feet.

A Metra spokesperson blamed an electrical issue for the failure of warning lights to signal of the approaching train.

“A signal maintainer who had arrived on scene a few minutes earlier for a separate issue immediately started investigating this incident and put additional protections in place to prevent trains from proceeding through the intersection until the problem could be fixed,” Katie Dahlstrom said.

She made it clear that the train line took the incident seriously. In addition to addressing it immediately, she said Metra “also modified a procedure as an additional layer of protection to ensure something like this does not happen at this intersection again.”

No injuries were reported in connection with the narrowly avoided collisions.