Man tries to kidnap 9-year-old girl from outside of Universal Studios attraction: Cops

Authorities in Florida say a 9-year-old girl is safe after a close call at a ride in the Universal Studios Orlando resort this week.

According to Fox News, 23-year-old Jason Mikel was arrested on suspicion of attempting to kidnap the girl from an area near the lockers at the Forbidden Journey ride.

Police say the victim was at the attraction, which is based on the “Harry Potter” series, on Sunday when the suspect approached her.

“A man touched her on the shoulder and told her to go outside and her mother was outside,” police wrote.

An arrest affidavit went on to claim that the girl “got scared and was able to get away from him and return to her mother.”

Officers responded to the report and spoke to an eyewitness — along with the alleged victim and her mother — before identifying Mikel as a suspect.

It was the witness who contacted police to report the alleged crime, according to a police statement.

Reports indicate the witness told investigators that the girl “broke free” from the suspect before running to her mother, who denied knowing the suspect.

The Minooka, Ill., resident was initially detained by park employees after he attempted to flee on foot. Staff members were able to hold him until law enforcement arrived, as reported by WOFL.

After his arrest, Mikel was booked into Orange County Jail without bail. He is expected to face charges including kidnapping. Authorities are also pursuing criminal counts of battery and marijuana possession.

[Featured image: Jason Mikel, Orange County Jail]