Suspect bites off ‘large chunk’ of man’s ear after arguing in hot tub about conspiracy theories, cops say

Authorities in Utah say a man violently attacked another man during an argument that took place in a hot tub this week.

According to Fox News, 43-year-old Bryan David Boyak is a California resident who was allegedly at a residence in Salt Lake City on Tuesday with the victim when the two began discussing issues about which they disagreed.

Police say they were in a whirlpool when they began talking about conspiracy theories and issues related to the corporate world.

At some point during their conversation, the increasingly bitter dispute erupted into a physical outburst by Boyak, police claim.

For starters, the homeowner attempted to lock the suspect out of the residence. Investigators say that prompted him to begin damaging property outside, including his use of patio furniture to hit against the exterior of the home.

The other man reportedly exited in an attempt to calm the aggression. Police allege that led to Boyak’s attack on the other individual.

He is accused of knocking the victim to the ground and biting his ear, ripping off a “large chunk.”

Leaving the man at the scene, detectives believe Boyak got into his truck and drove away from the scene.

Police later caught up with the suspect and arrested him on suspicion of criminal charges including mayhem, criminal mischief, intoxication, and domestic violence in the presence of a child.

The alleged victim was transported to an area hospital for treatment of his injuries. It was there that he spoke to police regarding the attack.

It was unclear from available reports whether the severed piece of his ear could be reattached.

[Featured image: Bryan David Boyak, Davis County Jail]