Mother of two tries multiple times to kill estranged husband by poisoning drinks with antifreeze: Prosecutors

Authorities in New York say a woman was arrested on suspicion of using antifreeze in an attempt to poison her husband.

According to the New York Post, 40-year-old Renee Burke of Holbrook, Long Island, allegedly spiked Matthew Burke’s drink three different times.

At one point, the mother of two called on the 8-year-old daughter she has with the alleged victim to help carry out her deadly plan. Their 4-year-old son raised red flags after one attempt when he told his babysitter that his mother “had put something in daddy’s drink,” according to prosecutors.

A statement from Suffolk County District Attorney Tim Sini released a statement confirming the indictment against her and revealing additional details about her alleged actions.

“The indictment today alleges that the defendant, Renee Burke, in a cold-hearted fashion, attempted to murder her husband,” Sini said.

Reports indicate the Burkes are estranged. In September, the suspect allegedly entered the victim’s apartment and put antifreeze in his wine.

After taking a sip, Matthew Burke reportedly noticed “a chemical taste” and spit the liquid out of his mouth.

It was the following day, according to prosecutors, that the young boy alerted the babysitter about the incident, prompting Matthew Burke and his children to go to an area hospital for observation.

Several days later, Renee Burke allegedly tried a similar tactic — this time with her estranged husband’s soda.

“He immediately spits it out, tasting the same chemical taste,” Assistant District Attorney Nicholas Santomarino said.

In a third alleged incident, the suspect is accused of tasking her daughter with taking the cork out of a wine bottle so she could add more antifreeze.

Renee Burke was arrested following this alleged attempt when investigators reviewed surveillance footage appearing to show the mother and daughter enter Matthew Burke’s home carrying two bottles of a pink liquid while the young boy sat in the car outside.

According to Sini, the suspect told investigators she was only attempting to water down her ex’s wine with fruit juice. A continued probe, however, found antifreeze residue in multiple bottles inside his apartment.

She has pleaded not guilty and was booked into jail with $200,000 cash bond. If convicted, she could face up to 25 years behind bars.

Her attorney, Joel Salinger, said she “has every intent to defend this in its entirety.”

[Featured image: Renee Burke, Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office]