Pregnant babysitter beats infant to death, puts him in coat to try to hide her crime: Cops

Authorities in Wisconsin have reportedly arrested a babysitter on suspicion of killing an infant in her care last year.

According to Fox News, 28-year-old Marissa Tietsort allegedly returned the deceased 2-month-old boy to his mother without telling her he had been dead for hours.

Investigators believe the Wausau woman was tasked with caring for the boy in October when he died of blunt force trauma to his head.

She is accused of dressing the dead child in a winter coat and leaving him strapped into a car seat when the victim’s mother was scheduled to pick him up. Police say Tietsort did not tell her that her newborn son was dead and officers found the frantic woman attempting to revive the child a short time later.

Court documents indicate it was no use, however, because the child died earlier in the day.

Tietsort is a mother of five who is currently pregnant with another child. She was arrested after the infant’s death and has remained behind bars ever since with cash bond set at $250,000, as reported by the Wausau Daily Herald.

Reports show she is attempting to convince a judge to reduce her bond amount. She argues she has not received adequate medical care for her and her unborn child since being booked into custody.

She is expected to face criminal charges including one count of intentional homicide in the first degree.

Officials say Tietsort is also facing a separate charge of child abuse related to an 11-month-old girl she had previously babysat.

“I’m not a threat to society or a monster,” she wrote in a letter to Marathon County Judge Jill Falstead. “I’m a great mom and I love everybody.”

[Featured image: Marissa Tietsort, Marathon County Sheriff’s Office]