Inmates fatally attack founder of online child sex ring just weeks into 40-year sentence: Reports

A man sentenced to 40 years behind bars for running an infamous child sex ring is dead after a group of inmates jumped him at a prison in Milan, Michigan.

According to the Detroit News, Christian Maire had been locked up for just about a month of his sentence when the prisoners attacked and stabbed him. He was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at an area hospital.

Maire was convicted on charges that he created an illegal operation through which he convinced young children to post online videos of themselves engaged in sexual acts.

He established the so-called “Bored Group” and selected like-minded co-conspirators to pose as young boys in their effort to trick more than 100 female victims into posing nude and more. Prison records indicate at least five other members of the ring are also incarcerated in the same prison, which has introduced heightened security in response to the attack.

Maire’s attorney responded to the news of his death on Friday.

Mark Kriger called the attack “a tragedy,” asserting that “it seems something like this should have been able to be avoided.”

A prison source confirmed a second inmate was injured in the brawl and two correctional officers were hurt as they attempted to break it up.

Reports indicate federal investigators are handling a probe into the fatal attack being treated as a homicide.

At his sentencing hearing last month, one of Maire’s victims appeared to predict he might meet such a violent fate.

The 20-year-old told reporters that the punishment is “basically life,” adding that Maire is “going to get the hell beat out of him.”

At that time, Maire expressed an emotional apology to his victims.

“I’ve shattered so many lives,” he told the judge. “I never thought I could sink this low. I apologize to all of my victims. I took advantage of your youth and trust and put my own selfishness above your dignity.”

[Featured image: Christian Maire, handout]