Accused Victoria Martens killer confesses to dismembering, burning remains of 10-year-old; claims strange man came in, killed her, and left

A woman facing a murder trial for the brutal assault and killing of Victoria Martens has entered into a plea agreement, and rape charges against her have been dropped.

Jessica Kelly is one of three people – including Victoria’s own mother Michelle — charged with the murder of 10-year-old Victoria in August 2017. The case took a dramatic and bizarre turn last year after investigators determined that Michelle Martens had lied to police in confessing the circumstances of Victoria’s alleged rape and murder — after evidence showed that she and a third suspect, Fabian Gonzalez, were not inside Michelle’s apartment when the murder took place.

KOAT reports that Kelly has pleaded guilty to six charges, including child abuse resulting in death and aggravated assault, but none of them are rape or murder.

KOAT legal expert John Day reportedly said the rape charges were dropped because investigators did not have evidence to support the allegation. According to court records obtained by the news station, Kelly told investigators that she was babysitting Victoria — supporting the theory that Gonzalez and Michelle Martens were not present at the time — when an unknown man entered the apartment and murdered the little girl.

Kelly reportedly told investigators that she and Gonzalez dismembered Victoria and put her in a bathtub. Kelly said she later burned the girl’s body.

“Because of today’s plea, we now have Jessica Kelley’s cooperation and I believe that case is significantly strengthened,” District Attorney Raul Torrez told KOAT.

The purported killer has not been identified or apprehended.

As part of the plea agreement, Kelly will testify against Gonzalez. She is facing up to 50 years in prison.