Man steals roommate’s winning lottery ticket worth $10 MILLION, officials bait him into arrest: Cops

Authorities in California say a man was arrested after stealing a winning lottery ticket from his roommate before replacing it with a replica stub.

According to Fox News, 35-year-old Adul Saosongyang allegedly believed the scratch ticket was a $10,000 winner but later realized it was 1,000 times more valuable.

A statement by Vacaville police revealed that the alleged victim learned of the theft when he took the swapped ticket to officials in an effort to claim his reward. Instead of confirming it was a winner, however, the man reportedly learned his ticket was an altered replacement.

At that time, he was also reportedly under the assumption that the ticket was valued at just $10,000 instead of the $10 million it was actually worth.

Police reports indicate he found out the following day that his roommate attempted to cash the ticket. He also learned the true value of the prize at that point, authorities say.

Saosongyang was reportedly arrested at the lottery office after internal investigators began conducting a routine investigation, which it performs on all winning claims over $600. Officials contacted law enforcement after learning the ticket was stolen and sent the suspect an invitation for what he believed would be his payout.

Police officers were waiting for him at his arrival and took him into custody, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Court records show Saosongyang was booked into Sacramento County Jail, where he remained as of the latest updates available.

He is expected to face criminal charges including a count of grand theft.

[Featured image: Adul Saosongyang, Vacaville Police Department]