Patrick Frazee asked Idaho nurse ‘more than once’ to kill Kelsey Berreth; investigators comb Twin Falls for clues in murder investigation [VIDEO]

Accused killer Patrick Frazee attempted to enlist an Idaho nurse in the murder of Kelsey Berreth, a local news station reports.

According to KKTV 11, sources told its Idaho-based sister station KMTV that Krystal Lee is connected to the three solicitation of first-degree murder counts Frazee was charged with following his arrest in late December.

The sources said that Frazee allegedly asked Lee multiple times to murder Berreth, the 29-year-old pilot and mother of Frazee’s 1-year-old daughter.

In announcing Frazee’s arrest at a news conference, authorities did not specify whether the solicitation charges were in relation to one or multiple individuals, but prosecutors reiterated that the charges referred to three separate instances. Authorities also said that further arrests were a strong possibility, but no other suspects have been named.

Sources told ABC News last week that Lee, who was previously involved in rodeo in Colorado, was being investigated on suspicion that she disposed of Berreth’s cell phone, which pinged in Gooding, Idaho, on November 25, three days after Berreth went missing.

Fox 31 Denver sent a reporter to Hansen, Idaho, where Lee reportedly lives and where the residents of the small town are said to be rattled by the presence of investigators looking for clues about Berreth’s disappearance. Lee worked as a nurse in Twin Falls, about 10 miles from Hansen, until she was placed on leave, for reasons believed to be related to the murder investigation. Fox 31 news reports that they were not able to contact or locate Lee, and that her ex-husband could not be reached for comment.

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