Woman fakes report of violent kidnapping to get revenge on baby’s father, cops say

Authorities in Texas say a woman has been arrested on suspicion of inventing a violent attack and kidnapping in an effort to get back at a former romantic partner.

According to Fox News, 23-year-old Sierra Marie Quintanilla filed a complaint against a man identified as the father of her child in which she claimed he took her captive on December 14 and assaulted her with a gun before she was able to escape at a service station in Waco.

She reportedly surrendered to officials at the Waco County Jail on Saturday, telling authorities that the entire narrative of an aggravated kidnapping was a fabrication.

According to investigators, the false claim led to some serious consequences, including a manhunt that ensued as officers tried to locate a suspect they believed was responsible for a violent crime, as reported by KCEN.

At least one individual was detained by police looking for the suspect and other law enforcement personnel wasted valuable time on what was in reality a nonexistent threat.

Police reports indicate she told investigators that the motive for her lie was revenge.

She was taken into custody after turning herself in and is expected to face criminal charges including filing a false police report.

[Featured image: Sierra Marie Quintanilla, McLennan County Jail]