Homicide detectives take on brutal murder that left a beloved teen model dubbed ‘Fallen Angel’ dead & naked, riddled with gunshots

On Labor Day weekend 2016, Bridget Shiel was found naked and dead, shot and dumped in a popular Atlanta park. The case shocked and terrified the community, and detectives were determined to solve the bizarre crime and provide the teen’s family and friends with closure.

On the season premiere of “The First 48 Presents: Homicide Squad Atlanta,” detectives fight to uncover what happened to the 19-year-old, dubbed “Fallen Angel” because it was like “she fell out of the sky,” according to retired Atlanta detective, David Quinn, who appears in the show.

Over the course of the series, authorities work relentlessly to uncover what happened to Bridget, a popular music video model with a large social media following, found dead and left in a grassy area at Oakland City Park in Southwest Atlanta.

Bridget Shiel [Handout]
Authorities found Bridget with numerous gunshot wounds on her back, buttocks, and legs. They also found traces of a suspect’s DNA on Bridget’s body and on a Sprite bottle found nearby, but the mysterious case took bizarre twists and turns that took detectives over a year to crack.

“Because her social media presence was so well developed, the public immediately felt like they really knew her. They could see that here was someone who was pretty special to a lot of people,” the show’s executive producer, Alexis Robie, told CrimeOnline. “Then there are the circumstances of the case: Labor Day weekend, a woman found naked shot in the back in a popular city park.  It’s both intriguing and terrifying.”

In addition to the Fallen Angel case, the series showcases “close-ended” cases, which, according to  Robie, will have their own unique sets of challenges.

“Every case is new and unique featuring a different detective working their mysteries ‘til they break,” Robie explained.

A few of the cold-ended cases will feature the murder of a young teen out on a double date, a man brutally beaten and killed in an upscale neighborhood, and an “unlikely turf war,” according to Robie.

“The First 48 Presents: Homicide Squad Atlanta” premieres Thursday at 9 p.m. EST on A&E.

[Feature Photo: David Quinn/A&E Networks]