Man crashes stolen pickup truck into Dollar Tree, runs in to grab ice cream before driving away: Cops

Authorities in Georgia say a man was captured by a retail store’s surveillance camera crashing through the front window before backing out and entering on foot.

The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office released a statement confirming the arrest of 18-year-old Christopher Matthew Gage on suspicion of staging the illegal and destructive entry into the Dollar Tree location in Macon earlier this week.

Police allege the 18-year-old man stole a Chevrolet pickup truck and drove the vehicle into the front of the store. Video footage reportedly shows him back the truck out and walk inside.

Upon entering the store, Gage allegedly walked to an ice cream cooler and made off with a frozen snack.

From there, he is accused of driving the stolen truck away from the store. Authorities launched an investigation and identified Gage as a suspect in the crime.

A witness contacted authorities at around 10 a.m., just over three hours after the crime, to report a man who had abandoned a Chevy Silverado and ran away from the area, as reported by WGXA.

Later on Wednesday, officers say they found out he was staying at a motel near the western edge of the county.

After authorities located him at the Econo Lodge, they took him into custody and transported him to jail.

Gage is expected to face criminal charges including theft by receiving stolen property, burglary, and damage to property. Investigators say he could still face additional charges related to the alleged crime spree.

[Featured image: Christopher Matthew Gage, Bibb County Sheriff’s Office]