Corrections officer accused of sex with inmate caught on tape in explicit act with different inmate: Cops

Authorities in Texas say a corrections officer arrested earlier this month is facing new criminal charges after surveillance footage allegedly captured her sexual encounter with an inmate.

According to the New York Post, 27-year-old Sinead Nichole Hagan was already under suspicion stemming from a prior report that she had engaged in sex with another individual being held at the same jail.

The suspect was employed at the Hopkins County Jail at the time of the incident, according to police.

An investigation into those claims led to the discovery of explicit footage revealing the alleged conduct resulting in new criminal charges. The Texas Rangers reportedly took the lead in the initial probe.

Jail officials reportedly learned of the allegations and alerted law enforcement, as reported by KSST.

Reports indicate Texas Ranger John Vance was in charge of the investigation, which led to an arrest warrant issued by District Attorney Will Ramsey.

In addition to the existing counts, she is expected to face charges including improper sexual activity.

She was arrested earlier this month on the first counts and booked into the same jail where the alleged crime occurred. New charges were added on Thursday, about a week later.

As of Friday, she had been released after posting bond.

[Featured image: Sinead Hagan, Hopkins County Jail]