Man who claims he had 10-month affair with family killer Chris Watts wants to visit him in prison ‘for closure’

A man who claims he carried on a sexual relationship with Chris Watts says he wants to visit his former lover behind bars after Watts was convicted of brutally killing his wife and two young children last year.

In an interview with Inside Edition, 29-year-old Trent Bolte said he and the killer had grown close and even went house hunting after they met via a dating app in May 2017.

“We went and looked at houses together in Fort Collins,” Bolte claimed, noting that he was about to move from his residence and Watts expressed an interest in moving in with him.

“I was planning on getting a two-bedroom apartment,” he said. “But Chris was like, ‘No, I’m going to be divorced. We need to look at three-bedroom houses and the girls can have a room.”

According to Bolte’s claims, he was initially under the impression that Watts was separated and believes Shanann Watts found his underwear in her husband’s truck last year — just months before she was found dead in August.

Bolte described the man he said he once loved as “a monster” for killing his family, a crime for which Watts pleaded guilty and was sentenced to five life sentences in November.

“Why didn’t he just divorce her?” Bolte wondered. “Whey didn’t he listen to me?”

Nevertheless, he said he wants his name to be added to the killer’s visitation list, if only for one final meeting.

“Once, just for closure for me,” Bolte said. “After that, I don’t want anything to do with him. It’s not like I’m still in love with him, but I still view him as the Chris that I knew.”

[Featured image: Trent Bolte and Chris Watts, Facebook/Frederick Police Department]