Cops say man leaves two pounds of pot in Uber ride; undercover cops bait him into arrest by promising to return it

Authorities in Pennsylvania say a man has been arrested after a series of missteps that began when he arranged for a ride recently.

According to KDKA, 21-year-old Malik Mollett is accused of leaving about two pounds of marijuana in the rear of the Uber driver’s vehicle.

The driver reportedly contacted law enforcement to report the lost item. Officers searched the black bag’s contents and allegedly discovered a vacuum-sealed bag containing the illegal drug.

Meanwhile, the suspect reportedly made an effort to reclaim his property by sending Uber an email describing the bag.

Using information obtained through the ride-sharing app, police were able to track down Mollett. Pretending to be his driver, an undercover officer made arrangements to meet him at a McDonald’s location in Irwin to return the bag.

As part of their conversation, police allege the suspect sent them a text message containing an image of the missing bag to confirm his ownership.

In reality, he did not get to reclaim his lost property when he arrived at the fast-food restaurant, instead quickly landing in handcuffs.

According to WPXI, he arrived at the location and met one state police trooper inside, where he temporarily took possession of the bag.

The trooper inside was soon joined by another officer who came inside the restaurant to arrest Mollett.

He was transported to jail and is expected to face criminal charges including drug possession and criminal use of a communication facility.

As of the latest updates available, Mollett remained behind bars at the Westmoreland County Jail. He is expected to appear in court for a preliminary hearing on January 30.

[Featured image: Malik Mollett, Westmoreland County Jail]