Man dumps dead woman’s body in abandoned car, claims she died from drug overdose: Cops

Authorities in Louisiana say a man was arrested on suspicion of dumping a woman’s dead body in a car and leaving the scene without reporting it.

According to KLFY, police believe 54-year-old Robert Lowe invited the woman into his home in Baton Rouge on Tuesday.

Upon entering, she allegedly injected some type of narcotic into her body. Lowe reportedly told investigators that he woke up early the next morning and found her unresponsive.

At the same time, he reported finding a bag on the bedroom dresser containing a some type of illicit drug and paraphernalia including a spoon and multiple syringes.

He claims he attempted to perform life-saving resuscitation to no avail. When he realized she was dead, arrest reports allege he put her body in his car and began driving around town before settling on an abandoned vehicle near the intersection of Simplex Street and Ford Street as a place to dispose of her body.

The remains were discovered on Friday and Lowe was identified as a suspect and arrested.

He was booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison and later released after posting $80,000 bond. He is expected to face criminal charges including failure to report a death under suspicious circumstances, unlawful disposal of human remains, and obstruction of justice.

Lowe was already facing an arraignment on earlier, apparently unrelated counts including felony cocaine possession and misdemeanor domestic abuse battery that occurred at his former workplace.

[Featured image: Robert Lowe, handout]