[Graphic Video] Motorist mows down gas station manager, killing him over $22 in stolen gas: Cops

Authorities in New York say a motorist stole a tank of gas from a filling station this week and mowed down its manager, who was attempting to stop the fleeing thieves.

According to Fox News, the incident prompted a police search for a suspect on Tuesday after surveillance footage depicted the graphic collision.

Police reports indicate the suspected assailant stole $22 in fuel before a confrontation with 59-year-old Cemal Dagdeviren in the Pit Stop parking lot.

The suspect’s SUV can be seen exiting after allegedly attempting to purchase the gas with a fraudulent credit card. An attendant reportedly became suspicious of the driver after noticing the SUV did not have license plates.

“When it became apparent that he did not have any money or did not have any means to pay for the fuel, he tried to get out and make his way into the car and flee out there,” said Detective Lt. Stephen Fitzpatrick in a statement to reporters. “This male accelerates and then runs over our victim, causing his death.”

Reports show the attempt was caught and Dagdeviren stepped out in front of the vehicle, which continued to creep forward.

“The male then intentionally ran this male victim over, causing his death,” Fitzpatrick said.

Officials indicate Dagdeviren was transported to an area hospital and pronounced dead shortly after his arrival.

As of the latest reports available, police were still looking for a suspect described as a male with a slim build believed to be in his 30s.

Investigators say anyone with information related to the suspect in this case can contact the Nassau County Crime Stoppers by calling 800-244-8477.

[Featured image: video screenshot]