‘Jesus forgives me!’: Man brutally stabs wheelchair-bound woman 116 times, disemboweling & killing her [Police]

Authorities in Wisconsin say a man fatally attacked a wheelchair-bound woman in her home last week, inflicting 116 stab wounds on the 62-year-old victim.

According to the Wichita Eagle, 31-year-old Kehinde Afolayan is facing criminal charges including first-degree intentional homicide and use of a dangerous weapon stemming from the attack. If convicted, he could spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Police reports indicate the victim, Deborah Lynch, was found unresponsive inside her apartment on Friday. She was pronounced dead prior to the arrival of an air ambulance dispatched to transport her to the hospital.

The suspect was found walking near the apartment without a shirt on but carrying what police described as a “blood-covered white undershirt.”

Both Lynch and Afolayan — along with Afolayan’s son — reportedly lived in the apartment. Police did not provide a suspected motive for the stabbing, as reported by Fox News.

A preliminary examination determined Lynch “appeared to be partially disemboweled” and had sustained 50 stab wounds to her abdomen, 48 to her chest, and the rest were found on her hands, arms and shoulders.

Investigators spoke to a witness who described viewing the brutal stabbing through the victim’s apartment window.

A search of the apartment reportedly revealed three blood-covered knives — including one found without its blade.

After taking him into custody and attempting to interview him, police reports say Afolyayn has refused to cooperate, describing him as “not communicative” with authorities conducting the investigation.

The only statement he reportedly offered following his arrest was “Jesus forgives me,” according to police.

[Featured image: Kehinde Afolayan, Milwaukee County]