Cops find young siblings with black teeth living in feces-covered house; girl calls 911 when they can’t wake up mom: Reports

Authorities in Florida say a 23-year-old mother is behind bars on suspicion of child neglect after a 911 call by one of her kids led to disturbing discoveries.

According to WEAR, Angelica Crites’ young daughter managed to contact authorities when she and her brother were not able to get a response from the woman, at the time locked inside her bedroom.

Crestview police officers reported that they arrived at the residence a short time later and managed to revive Crites, who later said she was sleeping off a late night out with her friends. Officers allegedly forced open the bedroom door after she remained unresponsive to their initial verbal cues.

As police looked around the home, they reported finding an array of refuse including animal waste, household trash, cigarette butts and mold-covered surfaces throughout. Reports indicate the girl had a cut on her foot from a lamp she said was broken earlier the same day.

The two children were described as filthy, displaying black and gray teeth. Social workers intervened shortly thereafter by determining that the kids were no longer permitted to reside at the location.

In an interview with investigators, Crites reportedly acknowledged that she was aware of the poor conditions in which her children were living.

Officials with the state Department of Children and Families took custody of the boy and girl and their mother was arrested. She was transported to Okaloosa County Jail where she remained behind bars as of the latest reports available with bond set at $4,000.

Crites is expected to face criminal charges including two counts of child neglect.

[Featured image: Angelica Crites, Okaloosa County Jail]