Dad who slaughtered infant daughter, parents, and girlfriend in bloodbath at remote farmhouse may have used axe, sword

A 42-year-old Oregon man was shot and killed by police in the middle of a killing spree described as being out of a horror movie.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Mark Leo Gregory Gago is suspected of carrying out the mass slaughter of his own family members at a remote farmhouse near Woodburn, Oregon.

When police responded to a 911 call reporting an incident the home, they reportedly found Gago attempting to kill an 8-year-old girl, reports.

A spokesperson for the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office told the news outlet that officers shot at the suspect as he was attacking the child, likely saving her life.

“They encountered what they believe, at the time, was an adult male attempting to kill a child, Clackamas County Sgt. Brian Jensen told “They then used lethal force, thus saving the child’s life.”

The four victims have been identified as Shaina E. Sweitzer, 31; Jerry William Bremer, 66; Pamela Denise Bremer, 64; and Olivia Lynn Rose Gago, 9 months.

In addition to the 8-year-old girl, an adult female also survived the massacre, and she appears to have suffered some type of injury.

“She said [Gago] had just gotten a new job and a new vehicle that day, so she thought he should have been in a good mood,” a neighbor who reportedly spoke to the woman told KATU. “But she did say that he had been using drugs, potentially meth.”

The neighbor reportedly said that the woman appeared “dazed and in pain” when she ran from the house, though authorities have not confirmed any injuries to the survivors.

Authorities have confirmed that the victims were not killed by a gun.

“It was not a gun,” Jensen said. “There are numerous weapons around the house that can be used as weapons, so investigators are trying to figure out exactly what it is that he used to kill 4 people.”

The Associated Press reports that one of the weapons found was a sword.

The neighbor who spoke to the adult survivor told KOIN 6 News that the woman said Gago came at her with an axe, and that at the time, the woman, who is reportedly a friend of Sweitzer, did not realize Gago had been on a murdering spree throughout the home.

The woman reportedly ran to a neighbor’s home for help.

The same neighbor told reporters that Gago appeared to be a “decent” man.

According to the Associated Press, Gago had a previous weapons arrest. reports that Gago had been charged twice with assault but both cases were dropped. He had recently been accused of failing to pay child support and reportedly had an upcoming hearing in March.

Authorities have not yet released information about a possible motive for the killings.