[UPDATE] Toddler STILL MISSING after nearly 5 months, cops ‘hold on to hope’ she’s alive; father charged

Local reports show a Nevada man is facing criminal charges related to the disappearance of his 3-year-old daughter last year.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, 27-year-old Ricky Beasley was arrested in December on suspicion of criminal counts related to the missing girl, Zaela Walker. She was last seen with her parents in August.

Beasley was taken into custody by North Las Vegas police officers and was expected to face charges including kidnapping in the first degree, child abuse or neglect, and other violations.

He appeared in court on Tuesday, at which time attorneys on both sides cited additional evidence in the case for their request that a preliminary hearing in the case be postponed two months, as KVVU reported.

“I’d like to review it and go over it with Mr. Beasley so we can have a better understanding of what evidence is out there,” a defense attorney told the judge presiding over the hearing.

The lawyer cited a recently acquired hard drive as potentially important information and prosecutors agreed with his request, noting they needed time to look through previous interviews.

In addition to her father’s court appearance, Zaela Walker was the subject of a news conference by police spokesman Aaron Patty.

He said the agency has not given up on the possibility of finding the toddler alive.

“You go through all the evidence that’s been presented, all the interviews that have been done, you still hold onto that hope that one day we will see her,” he said.

Following her father’s arrest, Patty said he has clammed up during interviews with investigators.

“All we can hope is that, you know, having been a part of Zaela’s life he feels like this is something important,” the police source said. “If he knows something, he should do the right thing and say something.”

[Featured image: Zaela Walker/North Las Vegas Police Department]