FBI joins investigation into triple deaths of Mom and two young daughters, found shot to death inside lavish mansion: Report

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office announced Tuesday that the FBI will be joining the investigation into the deaths of a Texas mom and her daughters, found dead earlier this month inside a luxurious mansion near San Antonio.

San Antonio Express-News reports that Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar requested the bureau’s assistance with “technical and investigative” work in connection with the deaths of 37-year-old Nichol Olsen and her two daughters, Alexa Montez, 16, and London Bribiescas, 10. The sheriff said authorities will “leave no stone unturned.”

“It’s always better to have more than enough resources,” the sheriff told the outlet. “We’ve known from the beginning that this case is going to rely heavily on forensic evidence.”

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As CrimeOnline previously reported, authorities found the licensed cosmetologist shot to death inside a lavish home in Boerne, in the affluent Anaqua Springs neighborhood. Nichol lived in the home with her boyfriend, Charles Wheeler, and her two daughters.

Bexar County court records indicate that Wheeler is the owner of the home.

Nichol’s daughters were also found shot to death inside the residence. The Bexar County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled the girls’ deaths as homicides, while listing Nichol’s cause of death as suicide, noting that a gun was left inside the residence, but no note.

Nichol’s friend Vanessa Cardona said there’s no way Nichol would have harmed her daughters.

“No one, not ONE person who knew Nichol, can tell you she was capable of killing her girls,” Cardona told CrimeOnline.

Nichol Olsen and Charles Wheeler
Nichol Olsen and Charles Wheeler [Instagram]
Wheeler reportedly told police he was away from home on the night the trio died, and stated he found them deceased when he returned to the residence the following morning. Authorities said he’s been cooperative in the investigation so far, but stated the couple may have been in an argument the night before her death.

“I think there’d been an argument at the very least,” Salazar said.

Cardona said Wheeler was not at Nichol’s vigil and has not reached out to her family or friends, including Nichol’s oldest child, a surviving son. She also said Nichol didn’t talk to her friends as often after she moved in with Wheeler.

Another of Nichol’s friends, Rick Wright, told ABC 12 he thought the doting mom was likely murdered.

“I would say that she would have had to have been killed,” Wright said. “There’s no way that she would have taken her life, or taken anybody else’s life like that. That’s just not how she was. That wasn’t her – how she thinks. She loved life too much.”

Authorities haven’t given specifics about the gun used in the incident. It’s still unclear who the gun belonged to.

Cardona told CrimeOnline that Nichol always put her children before everything and referred to her as a “spectacular mommy.”

“The Nichol I knew and loved was very social had a lot of friends and a lot of clients but her kids always came FIRST. Many times we’d invite her to do things and she’d decline because one of the girls or Skylar, her son would have an event or homework.”

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar is apparently aware of the concerns, and said that the medical examiner’s results are considered “somewhat preliminary.” Authorities are awaiting a toxicology report on all three victims.

No one has yet been named as a suspect in the girls’ deaths. Salazar said authorities will continue to investigate and determine if Wheeler’s story checks out.

In the meantime, Salazar said the FBI will be looking deeply into the case, starting within the next few days. Their help, according to the sheriff, will assist in gathering information more quickly, as the bureau has access to additional resources.

“In the event we need the advice of some sort of profiler in the case – well, we don’t have profilers here at the sheriff’s office, but the FBI does. So it just opens up a whole bunch of other possibilities to us that just, quite frankly, don’t exist for local law enforcement.”

Although Wheeler is currently the centerpiece of suspicion among some of Nichol’s friends, his lawyer, Therese Huntzinger, said she welcomed the help of the FBI in order to prove Wheeler didn’t have anything to do with the deaths.

“I don’t think that anyone would want anything but a quick resolution to this investigation, including our client,” Huntzinger said on Tuesday. “We welcome bringing it to a close as quickly as possible. If it takes the FBI getting involved to help the sheriff get that done, then we’re for it.”

Check back with CrimeOnline as additional details become available.

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[Feature Photo: Nichol Olsen and daughters/Instagram]