Tuesday Crime Stories: ‘Friend’ murders HS Jr. prom date, throws her body off bridge for ‘wad of cash’ [Cops]

The trial of accused murdered Liam McAtasney is under way in the killing of 19-year-old Sarah Stern, a New Jersey woman he allegedly robbed of $8,000 — believing she had $100,000 in her New Jersey home. Prosecutors say Stern’s former prom date helped McAtasney dump her body off a bridge and into the Shark River.

The men then left her car running to make it look like Stern committed suicide. Nancy Grace looks at the case with a panel of experts including private investigator J.T. Tipton — founder of Cinco Peso Security and Investigations in Texas, psychologist Caryn Stark, Atlanta prosecutor Kenya Johnson, and Crime Stories reporter John Lemley.

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Liam McAtasney, right, and Preston Taylor, left [Police Handout]
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[Feature Photo:Sarah Stern/Family Handout/Preston Taylor/Neptune PD]