Man handcuffs wife inside car ‘numerous times’ while he worked, said he was afraid she would be unfaithful: Cops

Authorities in Pennsylvania arrested a man on suspicion of repeatedly restraining his wife inside of a vehicle and threatening her in response to what he believed to be her infidelity.

According to the New York Post, 49-year-old John Adam VanHorn was arrested on January 23 following reports of a woman in handcuffs trapped inside a car parked on Jennings Street in Bethlehem.

Responding officers reported finding the suspect’s wife attached by her ankle to the underside of the front passenger seat with shackles. She was not identified in police reports.

The alleged victim told police that the suspect drove off after leaving her trapped inside the parked car. Investigators were soon able to locate VanHorn driving in a nearby area. Reports indicate he was in possession of BB guns described as “realistic looking.”

After his arrest, he reportedly admitted that he had regularly kept his wife bound to the interior of the car, describing the practice as a safeguard against her alleged extramarital affairs.

He allegedly confessed that he had done it “numerous times” while he was at work during the preceding six months, though specifics were not included in preliminary media releases.

VanHorn’s colleagues reportedly told authorities that it had become “common” to find the alleged victim being held inside the car during the workday.

The Albrightsville man has since been charged with false imprisonment, according to court documents.

Court records indicate VanHorn has been released from jail after posting $50,000 bail, as reported by the Allentown Morning Call.

[Featured image: John VanHorn, Northampton County Jail]