‘Nobody did anything wrong’: Police reveal more on death of missing Corey Brown, 13

Authorities have shared some additional details about the death of Idaho teen Corey Brown, while acknowledging that investigators may never know the whole story.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, preliminary autopsy results released this week show that Brown, 13, died in a fall from a communications tower in Marshalltown, where he lived with his family. Authorities said this week they believe Brown may have died last Tuesday night, the same night he left home following a disciplinary discussion with his parents, although his body was not found until late Sunday morning.

According to KCCI, the preliminary autopsy report indicates Brown died from “blunt force trauma injury” to the head in the fall. Authorities do not know why Brown had climbed the tower, or how far he fell.

The Des Moines Register obtained a photo of the communications tower from the Marshalltown Police Department, showing what appears to be a very tall and narrow structure. WHO-TV reports that authorities believe Brown climbed over a secure fence to access the area where the communications tower stands.

According to the KCCI report, toxicology test results could take up to eight weeks.

“We’ll never really know for sure what happened,” Marshalltown police Chief Michael Tupper told the news station, describing Brown’s death as an “all-around tragedy”:

“Nobody did anything wrong. Corey Brown did nothing wrong. The Brown family did nothing wrong. It’s a tragic event.”

“From the bottom of my heart, I want to ask everybody to think about the Brown family and pray for them,” Tupper said.