Young dietician posts detailed suicide note on her website before taking her own life: Report

A Manhattan dietician was found dead in her West Village apartment after posting a lengthy suicide note to her professional website.

The New York Post reports that Tara Condell, 27, was found dead in her West 10th Street apartment on Wednesday afternoon. The report states that Condell had a “cloth around her neck” but does not specify if she was hanged.

Authorities had responded to concerned calls about the dietitian, who worked for  Top Balance Nutrition, after she did not show up for work, and co-workers saw the latest entry on her professional website.

Condell had posted a long note on the website titled, “I Hate The Word “Bye”, But See You Later Maybe?.” In it, Condell acknowledges that she has had a great life on paper, and describes her discouragement as “the ultimate first world problem.” The note says that she had been feeling this way for a decade.

“I have accepted hope is nothing more than delayed disappointment, and I am just plain old-fashioned tired of feeling tired … I often felt detached while in a room full of my favorite people; I also felt absolutely nothing during what should have been the happiest and darkest times in my life. No single conversation or situation has led me to make this decision, so at what point do you metaphorically pull the trigger?”

Condell signed off the note by apologizing to her mother. She also asked that she not be given a memorial service or that any GoFundMe campaigns be created in her name.

“All I ask now is for you to have one delicious (I mean a really really great) meal in my honor and let me go, no exceptions,” Condell wrote.

According to the New York Post, Condell left another note in her living room, but the report did not disclose the contents of that note.

Condell was originally from San Francisco. She maintained an active social media presence and most recently posted a photo of herself traveling in Vietnam, dated January 3.