Crime Stories Bonus: Divers search lake for missing car after young Texas mom Emily Wade found dead; was she murdered?

When the body of mom Emily Wade was found floating face-up in a Texas creek last month, investigators were baffled that her car could not be found upstream where they would expect to find it if the 38-year-old mom had accidentally driven into the swollen waters.

Now, divers are searching a lake where a side-scan radar suggested there was a submerged vehicle. If her car is in the lake, it suggests something much more sinister in the woman’s death.

Nancy Grace is joined by Cajun Coast Search and Rescue Commander Toney Wade, who led the search that found Emily Wade’s body. The panel of experts also includes forensics expert Joseph Scott Morgan, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Bober, Atlanta juvenile judge & lawyer Ashley Willcott, and reporter John Lemley.

‘It doesn’t sit right’: Questions arise after beloved mom Emily Wade is found dead in creek, but car remains missing [Exclusive]

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[Feature Photo: Emily Wade/Handout]