‘Find my Phone’ iPad app alerts woman that abusive ex is right outside of her home moments before he kills her: Police

Authorities in Connecticut say a 75-year-old man is facing charges including murder after allegedly breaking into a home and shooting his ex-wife dead.

According to the New York Post, 70-year-old Catherine Taylor had accused James Taylor of stealing multiple vehicles belonging to either her or her 45-year-old stepson.

The woman had allegedly moved into her stepson’s home out of fear of James Taylor’s possible actions and was tracking his whereabouts via an iPad app in the moments prior to the fatal shooting. The former couple reportedly divorced a quarter century ago but retained a joint residence until James told Catherine to vacate the home last year.

Police believe she instructed the homeowner to contact authorities late Sunday evening when the app revealed her ex was close by. Shortly thereafter, James Taylor allegedly burst into the home by breaking glass.

She had allegedly begun tracking her ex with a feature available through their shared wireless plan in an effort to find the vehicles he had allegedly stolen.

Catherine Taylor’s stepson reportedly told police that he heard the sound of glass breaking, a gunshot and her screams before what he believed to be a body hitting the floor.

When he went to investigate, he allegedly found James Taylor with a rifle and his stepmom’s lifeless body on the floor. When the older man allegedly aimed the weapon at his ex’s stepson, the younger man rushed and tackled him.

As he phoned police, the younger man reportedly roughed James Taylor up with several punches. The suspect was still on the floor, restrained by the other man, at the time police arrived.

A police statement suggested James Taylor claims “that he didn’t have a conceptual memory of what happened but did remember being there” when his ex-wife was killed.

He has been arrested and jailed with bail set at $2 million, according to court records, and is set to appear in court again on February 19.

[Featured image: James Taylor, Fairfield Police Department]