MMA fighter wanted for three pending murder charges RECAPTURED hiding in a trash can

– Cedric Marks, 44, allegedly killed his former girlfriend, Jenna Scott and her friend, Michael Swearington.
– Both victims were found deceased in shallow graves last month, in a rural area in Oklahoma.
– During a prisoner transport van ride carrying nine other suspects and two guards, Marks escaped when the driver made a stop at a McDonald’s near Houston, Texas.
– Marks was shackled inside the van. Police are trying to figure out how he broke free.
– Police found the suspect hiding in a trash can in the backyard of a home in Conroe, Texas.
– Marks’ former girlfriend, April Pease, has been missing since 2009. He’s now a suspect in her possible murder.
– Marks was first captured in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on another warrant for burglary, which occurred months before the two victims were found dead.