[VIDEO] Pistol-packing dad roughs up suspect seen peering into sleeping children’s window: Report

Video footage has emerged that purportedly reveals a homeowner pulling a firearm on a suspected voyeur spying in on children sleeping inside.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, the incident occurred in an unknown location over the weekend.

A man identified as the homeowner and the father of children inside the home allegedly noticed the peeper outside and stepped outside to confront him.

Reports indicate the homeowner was armed with a pistol and carrying a flashlight. He reportedly hit the alleged intruder in the head with one of the objects before pushing him down. The scuffle continued as the father reportedly drags the man by his collar.

The man allegedly seen spying through the window can be seen running away from the scene and wearing a backpack.

A concerned neighbor reportedly alerted the homeowner of a man who left his bike nearby and began peering into the home.

[Featured image: video screenshots]