Connecticut murder victim Valerie Reyes feared for her life the day before she disappeared; broke up with boyfriend the week before

The victim’s family said they saw photos of Valerie in Manhattan two days after she went missing from New Rochelle

The grieving mother of a young woman found dead this week in a wealthy Connecticut suburb said her daughter was anxious and feared her life was in danger just before she vanished in late January.

Valerie Reyes’ mother Norma Sanchez told that Valerie was terrified the night before she went missing on January 29, five days after she broke up with her boyfriend.

“She was very scared, very frightened,” Sanchez said. “She didn’t mention anything or no one specific. She just said, ‘I’m scared. I’m paranoid, mommy. I’m getting anxiety attacks.”

Sanchez said she asked Valerie what was making her nervous.

“Why do you feel this way? Was there someone at your house? I asked about her ex-boyfriend. And she said, ‘No.'”

According to multiple reports, Reyes was last seen at or around the New Rochelle train station the morning of January 29.  Two days later, according to the report, Reyes’ family hired a private investigator, and at some point saw photos of Reyes taken in Manhattan, her mother said, where someone — possibly Reyes herself — had also used the young woman’s bank card.

New Rochelle is about an hour from Manhattan, and Reyes did not work there. She worked at a Barnes & Noble bookstore in Eastchster, which is about 30 minutes north of New Rochelle.

Authorities have not yet released a specific cause of death or any information about possible suspects.

“There needs to be justice for my precious daughter,” Sanchez told the news outlet. “The people who did this need to pay.”


[Feature image: Valerie Reyes/NYPD]