Friday Crime Stories: Patrick Frazee’s rodeo ‘friend’ to testify against him in missing mom Kelsey Berreth case

PLUS: Little girl lost in cold woods after running from children’s home; Texas wife gunned down while raising cash for anniversary trip

The Idaho nurse who met Patrick Frazee at a rodeo and then began a relationship with the accused killer pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence in the investigation into missing Colorado mom Kelsey Berreth. This episode starts with the prosecutor sharing details of the plea deal.

Nancy Grace discusses the search for Serenity Dennard, the 9-year-old girl who ran away from a South Dakota children’s home and is now lost in a snowy forest. Her panel includes forensics expert Joseph Scott Morgan — author of “Blood Beneath My Feet,” New York psychiatrist Dr. Judith Joseph, Atlanta criminal lawyer Darryl Cohen, and Crime Stories reporter John Lemley.

Serenity Dennard: Search for little girl who ran away from children’s home is now a ‘recovery mission;’ police say unlikely she’s still alive

Syndicated radio host David Mack joins the panel to dog into the murder of a Texas woman who was shot to death while standing in her drive-way preparing a garage sale to raise cash for a wedding anniversary trip. The attack was caught on surveillance camera video.

SEE IT: Surveillance camera catches suspect shooting woman dead in her driveway as she holds garage sale to fund anniversary trip with her husband [VIDEO]

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[Feature Photo: Krystal Lee Kenney/Colorado Springs PD]