Mom holds 10-year-old as she leaps from bridge in murder-suicide after debt collector harassment: Report

A Colombia woman jumped to her death on Wednesday in Ibagué and brought her son down with her, reportedly after being harassed by debt collectors and evicted from her home.

The Sun reports that 32-year-old Jessy Paola Moreno Cruz jumped from a 330-feet bridge while holding her 10-year-old son, May Ceballos, in her arms. Both mom and son died upon impact, according to investigators.

Colombian firefighter Rafel Rico said emergency crews were on hand before the fatal plunge and begged Cruz not to jump. Along with police officers and firefighters, and doctor and psychologist arrived in an attempt to talk woman out of jumping.

“They begged her not to do it and tried to convince her to stop but sadly she took the fatal decision.”

The incident began when a driver spotted the woman and the young boy at around 8 a.m., seated at the La Variante Bridge, known locally as the “bridge of suicide.” The driver called authorities, who arrived and tried for an hour to convince Cruz to change her mind.

“She was desperate because of the pressure of the debts she had contracted with the ‘drop by drop;’ [it] was one of the triggers for her to make the fatal decision,” Mayor Guillermo Alfonso Jaramillo said, according to Seguimiento. “This ends up hurting or even costing the life of the person.”

The mayor also reportedly criticized EPS for failing to place more emphasis on mental health issues.

According to the Daily Mail, Cruz was evicted from her home shortly before the incident.

The story is still developing. Check back with CrimeOnline as additional details become available.

[Feature Photo: Jessy Cruz, May Ceballos/Facebook]