Girl won’t wake up after nap time, tests positive for cocaine along with toddler brother; mom arrested: Cops

A Kentucky woman was arrested this week on suspicion of allowing her two young children to access narcotics.

According to KTRK, 31-year-old Annquita Wright is expected to face charges of criminal abuse after her 4-year-old daughter arrived at a preschool in Winchester on Thursday in a lethargic state.

After nap time, staff members said the girl was not responsive. Employees of the Head Start location reported the incident to authorities and emergency personnel soon arrived on the scene. The child was transported to Clark Regional Medical Center.

Officials indicate the girl and her 2-year-old brother tested positive for having ingested cocaine, as reported by the Winchester Sun.

Wright, a mother of three, was arrested the same day and reportedly confessed to allowing an acquaintance to use her home in facilitating the sale of narcotics including crack and cocaine.

In conversations with investigators, the preschooler said she picked up something white she found on the floor that morning and ate it.

Winchester Police Capt. James Hall said charges against Wright are not expected to reflect she intended to expose her daughter to narcotics.

“We don’t think anyone gave it to her intentionally,” he said.

When police visited Wright’s home, they saw her two other children and tested them for exposure to harmful chemicals.

Though investigators reportedly found no drugs, her toddler son tested positive for cocaine.

In addition to two counts of criminal abuse in the first degree, Winchester police say she is also expected to face criminal charges related to her reported fugitive status in another state. As of the latest reports available, she remained behind bars at the Clark County Detention Center.

Her three children had reportedly been transferred into the custody of social workers.

[Featured image: Annquita Wright, handout]