‘My nudes will fly off the shelf’: Casey Anthony is considering posing naked in Hustler Magazine

Casey Anthony apparently has “a lot of things” planned for 2019, which possibly includes posing nude for Larry Flynt’s Hustler magazine.

DailyMailTV reports that the notorious 32-year-old Anthony revealed that she’s been offered $500,000 to appear nude in Hustler, a pornographic magazine that features nude women in provocative poses. Anthony said Flynt initially made the offer in 2011, but she claimed she wasn’t ready yet.

“It was wrong timing…. I am in better shape now, physically, mentally..and emotionally..It is not off the table.”

While chatting with DailyMailTV via Twitter, Anthony said now that she’s in shape and more active, she’s confident both men and women would buy an issue of of the magazine just to see her.

“I like to think I have what it takes to pose in a girlie magazine.. I work hard on keeping fit. I may take him up on his offer….I am in good shape, and I have to brag that my body is fit..and I know undoubtedly the industry really doesn’t care about my past, and people – men and women would buy an issue with me in it…including the birds that say they wouldn’t!”

Anthony is apparently so confident in herself that she thinks an issue with photos of her naked body would boost the magazine’s sales so much it would “fly off the shelf.”

“Well you know full well that my nudes will fly off the shelf, even if it soft porn.”

Despite being branded the “most hated” woman in America after she was acquitted in 2011 for the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, Anthony said she has many supporters and friends who never judge her on her past.

“They don’t judge me, they don’t bombard me with questions about my case, they take me for me…and that is what is special about them….Regardless of what people think, I have a wide range of support from many people. Not just the 20 on my twitter.”

Cindy Anthony is comforted by George Anthony, right, during a memorial ceremony at the site where the body of their granddaughter Caylee Anthony was found on what would have been her sixth birthday in Orlando, Fla., Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2011. Their daughter Casey Anthony was acquitted of the most serious charges related to the death of her daughter Caylee Anthony. (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)

Meanwhile, Anthony also said she’s open to reconciling with her father, George Anthony, for the first time since her trial. The pair have not spoken to each other in years, after Anthony’s lawyer accused her father of not killing Caylee, but molesting Anthony when she was a child.

“It would take more than one visit..it would take more than an I love you..he has to admit to things before he can heal..Until then he is not going to do anything but suffer.”

[Feature Photo: Casey Anthony; AP Photo/Joshua Replogle]