Mother and her boyfriend arrested after doctor reports 9-month-old daughter is ‘severely malnourished’: Cops

Authorities in Iowa say a woman was arrested this week on suspicion of child abuse stemming from a doctor’s appointment last year during which her 9-month-old daughter was determined to be significantly underweight.

According to KWWL, 27-year-old Iesha D. Searcy was booked into custody at the Dubuque Law Enforcement Center on Tuesday. Officials had secured a warrant based on allegations of neglecting or abandoning a dependent person.

Court records indicate her boyfriend, 26-year-old Mark D. Ward, was arrested last week and is expected to face similar criminal charges.

Investigators secured an arrest warrant for Ward on February 4 and another for Searcy the following day. The couple provided primary care for the victim, police claim.

The young victim was reportedly under the care of a dietitian working for Medical Associates at the time her alleged undernourishment was reported. It was during an August 15 appointment that the doctor recorded her weight at just 10 pounds 8 ounces.

“Dr. Callahan listed in his report a denial of critical care and failure to provide adequate food,” according to claims found in a court document related to the case. Reports allege Searcy had access to the Women, Infants and Children nutrition program but wouldn’t report to scheduled appointments and didn’t pick up as much baby formula as the government assistance would provide the infant.

At an appointment two days later, the doctor reportedly raised concerns that the child was “severely malnourished” and in need of emergency medical treatment.

“Without medical attention, [the girl] could have developed serious physical problems and even death,” court documents allege.

[Featured image: Iesha Searcy, Facebook]