Teacher tells elementary school students that Martin Luther King Jr. committed suicide; says 10-year-old boy is headed to prison because of his clothing: Report

A substitute teacher in North Carolina has reportedly resigned following accusations that she told elementary school students that Martin Luther King, Jr. died by suicide, and that a black student wearing athletic clothing was bound for prison.

The New York Post reports that Elizabeth Temple was filling in as a substitute music teacher on Friday at Rand Road Elementary School in Garner when she allegedly made multiple false claims and racially-charged comments to the students in the classroom.

According to the News Observer, Temple told a black boy wearing athletic clothing that he was headed for prison in the future, and claimed to the classroom that Martin Luther King, Jr., was not assassinated, but rather took his own life.

The teacher also allegedly said that the students weren’t “real Christians,” according to the report, unless they supported President Donald Trump.

But a brave 10-year-old boy was among those who reportedly stood up to the teacher.

“We had to draw the line there,” Nathan Byrd told the News Observer. “All the things she was telling us were completely wrong. We had to tell her, ‘Nothing you’re saying is making any sense.’”

Nathan’s father Billy published a Facebook post about the incident that has since gone viral.

“To wear athletic apparel while being BLACK is obviously a MARK for long term imprisonment these days by racist radicals portraying to be godly and upright conservative Christians,” the father wrote.

According to the News Observer report, the teacher volunteered to have herself removed from the school district’s substitute teacher database following an investigation of complaints made about her to the school.

Reached by Facebook messenger, Billy Byrd told CrimeOnline that he felt Temple should face stronger consequences.

“I desire to see her teaching credentials taken away from every jurisdiction she has access to,” Byrd said, “so that she doesn’t get another chance to damage the minds of our youth.”


[Feature image: Nathan Byrd courtesy of Billy Bird]