Valerie Reyes murder suspect claims she died after sex injury

The suspect arrested in connection with the death a woman found stuffed in a suitcase in Greenwich, Connecticut, last week claims Valerie Reyes fell and hit her head during sex on the day she disappeared.

CNN obtained a complaint from federal prosecutors showing that Javier DeSilva, who was reportedly arrested in Queens on Monday night, told investigators that he and Reyes were having sex at her apartment in New Rochelle, New York, on January 29 when “at some point” Reyes, 24, “fell to the floor and hit her head.”

The New York Post reports that DeSilva told investigators that Reyes cracked her head open in the fall. And instead of getting medical attention, DeSilva reportedly admitted to tying her ankles and wrists together, covering her mouth with tape, and stuffing her into a suitcase. The reports do not indicate if investigators believe the suitcase belonged to Reyes, the suspect, or someone else.

The next day, DaSilva allegedly used Reyes’ ATM card to withdraw $1,000 cash from her account, which is believed to have tipped off investigators to DaSilva’a alleged role in her disappearance.

It is not clear exactly what day DaSilva drove Reyes’ body¬† to Greenwich, Connecticut, where it was found in the suitcase by highway workers on the morning of February 5.

According to the New York Post, Reyes’ mother said that her daughter and the suspect had not been involved in a year. And CrimeOnline spoke to a man believed to be Reyes’ most recent boyfriend. He told us via online messaging that he did not think Reyes and DaSilva were ever in a real relationship, though he said DaSilva wanted to be. He said Reyes told him that DaSilva had moved to California, and that he was unaware the two were in any contact.

CNN reports that investigators found a drawing that resembles one of DeSilva’s social media profile photos in Reyes’ apartment.