Nathaniel Dryden

Young boy almost blinded after bully hits him in eye so hard it shatters his glasses, cutting his eyelid open: Report

A teen boy is lucky to have his eyesight after a bully accused of attacking him for no reason, allegedly punched him in the face so viciously his glasses smashed into his left eyelid.

DerbyShireLive reports the incident occurred in early February at the Merrill Academy in Derby, England, after a student attacked 15-year-old Nathaniel Dryden. Nathaniel’s father, a nurse practitioner, said his son may be scarred for life after the incident.

Mick Dryden described his son as “shy and timid” and said he doesn’t understand why his boy keeps getting beaten up, adding that bullies have attacked him for years at the school.

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”His glasses smashed and that’s caused him serious facial injuries. He was covered in blood.,”  Dryden told DailyMail. “At first he thought he was dying because of how much blood there was. It didn’t stop. He was covered.”

[Photos provided by Amanda Dryden]
The school reportedly contacted police after the incident. Nathaniel was rushed to the hospital and given around 13 to 15 stitches. Doctors pulled a shard of glass from the boy’s eyelid.

“He’s extremely lucky not to be blind. The remains of the smashed glasses only missed his eyes by about an inch. I’m heartbroken at what happened,” Mick added.

Mick said the alleged bully accused his son of calling his girlfriend a “sl**,” something that Nathaniel never said, according to his father.

“Nathaniel protested and said he never said anything like that……He protested again but was punched in the face. It was one punch but it was so vicious. It was horrific.”

The boy’s mother, Amanda Dryden, told CrimeOnline that the reported bully has been permanently expelled from the school. Police are currently investigating.

Amanda added that Nathaniel is doing fine, considering the circumstances. The school has been cooperative and supportive. However, Nathaniel won’t be returning to school until the end of the term. He feels unsafe returning right now, according to Mick.

The story is still developing. Check back with CrimeOnline as additional details become available.

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[Feature Photo: Nathaniel Dryden, provided by Amanda Dryden]