‘You do not belong in Playa Vista!’: Vile rant caught on video after woman berates former MTV Filipino VJ for parking on a public street [Report]

A California mother said when she pulled over in Playa Vista with her young son to buy coffee on Tuesday afternoon, a woman started berating them, calling them subhuman and ugly before telling them she paid $10,000 to keep “people like them out.”

Belinda Panelo, 44, a Filipino model and former MTV VJ told local news station KTLA 5 that she parked on a public street when without warning, an elderly woman she had never met before began questioning her and insulting her son.

“What are you? It doesn’t even look human,” the Playa Vista woman is heard saying while reportedly referencing to Panelo’s minor child. “OK, get off our street! You do not belong in Playa Vista.”

The station redacted parts of the video and although it’s unclear what started the heated incident, Panelo said she simply parked in an area where the woman claimed they didn’t belong. Panelo also said she didn’t capture the entire ordeal on video, including the woman reportedly calling them ugly and poor.

“We pay $10,000 a month to keep you out,” the woman added, in a comment caught on video.

Panelo said she maintained her composure and didn’t react with anger because she wanted to be a good role model for her son.

“You’d hope that in a situation that your child would react in a respectful way. Maintaining their dignity, but while still standing up for themselves.”

Panelo added that she doesn’t think most people in Playa La Vista don’t share the same attitude as the woman she encountered.

“I will not have one incident make me think that everybody who was in that neighborhood was like that. Because it’s not fair to generalize, and we don’t know if someone is suffering, if they have health issues.”

The older woman hasn’t offered her side of the story yet. Her identity is unknown.

[Feature Photo: KTLA Screenshot/Facebook]