SEE IT: Wrongful death lawsuit against Patrick Frazee claims motive for Kelsey Berreth murder

A new court filing cites a suspected motive in the presumed murder of Colorado mom Kelsey Berreth, and also accuses the suspected killer of lying about the missing woman’s whereabouts.

KKTV 11 obtained the court filing of the wrongful death lawsuit filed by Berreth’s parents against Patrick Frazee, the father of Berreth’s 1-year-old daughter who was arrested on suspicion of murdering Berreth.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiffs Berreth’s parents believe Frazee murdered Berreth because he wanted full custody of their daughter Kaylee. From the documents:

“Upon information and belief, Frazee had motive to kill Kelsey in that he wanted full custody of KB and/or Kelsey to leave KB with him and Kelsey would not agree; Upon information and belief, Frazee had an opportunity to kill Kelsey or have Kelsey killed in that he had her keys and, because he had her gun, she was vulnerable to an attack.”

As reported by the Denver Post, the plaintiffs also accused Frazee of knowingly sharing and encouraging the spread of false information about Berreth and their relationship. From the filing:

“Upon information and belief, during periods relevant to this Amended Complaint and Jury Demand, Frazee also made to others and/or caused to be published to the press or otherwise the following untrue reports, which he knew or showed reckless disregard that they would be heard and/or read by Plaintiffs:

    1. Frazee and Kelsey were not engaged;
    2. Frazee and Kelsey were broken-up;
    3. Frazee and Kelsey agreed to 50/50 custody of KB;
    4. Kelsey was not KB’s primary caregiver;
    5. Kelsey had “issues” that would warrant Frazee “getting full custody”;
    6. Kelsey had been to “rehab”;
    7. Kelsey left/abandoned KB in Frazee’s care;”

Frazee is also accused of suggesting that Berreth had run off before, and encouraging the spread of that claim. And according to the filing, Frazee told Berreth’s parents that Kelsey, a licensed pilot and flight instructor, may have flown somewhere with a friend or co-worker. He also allegedly told Berreth’s parents that he and Kelsey had plans to see each other on November 25, three days after she was last seen alive. The lawsuit accuses Frazee of knowing at that time the Berreth was dead.

Frazee is due in court on February 19.

Read the wrongful death lawsuit here: