‘Me and Jayme cooked a bunch of stuff’: Jayme Closs’ alleged kidnapper writes jailhouse letter, draws hearts around young girl’s name [Report]

A Wisconsin man accused of kidnapping 13-year-old Jayme Closs after killing her parents has reportedly written a jailhouse letter, describing how he once cooked with the young girl.

While it’s unclear who the letter was written to, RadarOnline obtained 21-year-old Jake Patterson’s jailhouse mailed note. Patterson is currently behind bars in Barron County, accused of murdering James and Denise Closs, of Barron, and kidnapping their only child, Jayme, in October.

Patterson allegedly held Jayme captive in a secluded home in Ogden for 88 days. The girl escaped last month after Patterson reportedly left the home to visit his mother.

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“My brother… got a puppy named ‘Vale’ a couple of weeks before (heart) Jayme (heart) ran away,” Patterson wrote. “I love Mexican food too, but I like lots of stuff. Chocolate and berries are probably my favorite. Me and Jayme cooked a bunch of stuff. Cooking is another thing I like doing a lot.”

The letter also described how Patterson hated himself for what he did, but he acknowledged his family still supports him. He also reportedly wrote that “not a single” person has sent him hate mail, unless the letters were thrown out by authorities before he could read them.

“I went from never committing a crime or really doing anything bad to doing the worst thing a human can do. Just one big f–k up ha ha.”

See the full letter here

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Patterson targeted Jayme after spotting her getting off of a school bus. His car was behind the bus off of Highway 8 and when he saw her, Patterson said “he knew that was the girl he was going to take.”

Afterward, Patterson began planning a disturbing plot to take the young girl captive. The suspect admitted Jayme was a random target and he hadn’t had contact with her before. He didn’t even know her name.

Jake Patterson [Police Handout]
Patterson, according to the complaint, bought a black balaclava mask and black gloves shortly after he saw Jayme, as he plotted out the details on how and when to abduct her. Patterson said he was working at Saputo Cheese when he spotted Jayme, but quit his job and several days later,  and drove by her home with the intent of taking her. He said he couldn’t go through with the kidnapping at the time, as there were “all kinds of cars in the driveway,” which scared him off.

On the second attempt, he drove back to the Closs house but noticed the lights on and people inside the residence walking around. He again drove away.

On one of the nights prior to his third and final trip to the Closs residence, Patterson reportedly removed the license plates from his car, an older model red Ford Taurus. He then drove to Highway D, heading toward Santora, where he spotted a vehicle parked in a yard. He pulled over and stole the vehicle’s license plates and put them on his own vehicle to avoid being spotted with his own plates.

Patterson also reportedly said he removed his car’s dome light and trunk light so it would be dark when he exited the car and opened the trunk. He took his dad’s shotgun with him because he thought it would be more difficult to trace while inflicting “the most damage on someone.”

Patterson wore gloves and wiped down the shotgun and its shells to avoid leaving any DNA behind. He also admitted to showering and shaving all of his hair off before going back to the Closs home. The suspect wore steel toe boots, blue jeans, a black mask and glove, and a black jacket on the night in question.

Late night October 15, Jayme heard her dog barking and walked out of her room to see why, according to what she told police. She then noticed Patterson driving up her family’s driveway with the headlights of his car turned off. Within minutes, Patterson reportedly shot the door in, and shot and killed her father, James Closs.

Jayme said she ran to bathroom with her mother and hid, but the suspect forced his way in. Patterson found the pair hiding inside the bathtub, with Denise Closs’ arms wrapped around her daughter. He then Denise Closs to put tape over Jayme’s mouth. Patterson allegedly taped Jayme’s arms, wrists, and ankles together.

According to the suspect, after he wrapped Jayme in the tape, including wrapping it completely around her head, he aimed the shotgun at Denise’s head and pulled the trigger. He then dragged the girl out of her home. At one point, she almost slipped in her father’s pool of blood as the suspect dragged her with one hand, while holding a shotgun in his other hand.

After months of captivity, Jayme fled the suspect’s home in January, and while wearing oversized men’s shoes, found her way to a neighbor walking a dog. Another nearby neighbor called 911. Patterson was arrested within hours of the 911 call.

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[Feature Photo: Jayme Closs, Jake Patterson/Police Handout]