Valerie Reyes autopsy report allegedly shows suspected killer ex-boyfriend lied about how she died: ‘He taped her face so she could not scream’

A medical examination has reportedly found that Valerie Reyes, the woman found murdered in a suitcase in Greenwich, Connecticut, died from asphyxiation, a conclusion that appears to contradict her accused killer’s claim that she hurt herself in a fall during sex.

The State Medical Examiner in Connecticut has not yet released the official results of Reyes’ autopsy, but sources familiar with the case reportedly shared the medical examiner’s conclusion with the news outlet CBS2 New York.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Reyes’ suspected murderer, Javier Da Silva Rojas, reportedly claimed that Reyes fell and hit her head while the two were having sex in her apartment, and that he panicked.

In a jailhouse interview with the New York Post, Rojas implied that Reyes’ death was unintentional, and claimed he tried to help her after she hit her head in a fall.

“She wasn’t responding. I went and put my mouth on her mouth. I tried to put air in,” Rojas said in the interview.

“I did something wrong. I didn’t call the police.” Rojas claimed that he later used Reyes’ ATM card because he wanted to get caught.

But an investigator, who was not identified, reportedly told CBS News that Rojas’ claims were false.

“He said he taped her face so she could not scream,” the investigator said. Challenging Rojas’ claim that he stole money from the victim’s bank account with her ATM card, the investigator said: “Why did he cover his face?”

The source said that the interview Rojas gave the New York Post served to “victimize” Reyes again.

“(It’s) despicable,” they said.