Man with FIVE prior DUI convictions kills a mother, gravely injures her husband during 6th DUI weekend crash: Police

A Pennsylvania man is behind bars for his sixth DUI, among other charges, after he allegedly killed a woman and seriously injured her husband during a weekend crash in Upper Chichester.

ABC 13 reports that David Strowhouer, 31, was arrested over the weekend after he allegedly drove his Dodge Ram into oncoming traffic. Strowhouer reportedly hit a Subaru WRX head on, killing 45-year-old Deana Eckman, who was riding passenger in the car. Deana’s husband, Chris, was driving the car. First responders rushed him to the hospital with grave injuries.

According to police, Strowhouer, who had a suspended driver’s license, initially lied and said his cousin was driving the Ram. After investigating the scene and looking through videos and conducting interviews, authorities determined tha Strowhouer was the likely driver. The incident occurred off of the 3300 block of Market Street at around 9:22 p.m.

Strowhouer wasn’t at the scene when authorities arrived, but when they started searching the area, he appeared and claimed he was in the passenger seat. The suspect reportedly told police he attended his mother’s funeral the day prior and at the time of the crash, was on his way to buy cocaine with his cousin.

“McCusker detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage about Strowhouer’s breath … McCusker formed the opinion that Strowhouer was intoxicated to the degree that he was incapable of safely operating a motor vehicle on the roadway,” an affidavit read, according to Daily Times.

During an interview with Delaware County Criminal Investigation Division’s Detective David Tyler, the suspect allegedly admitted he had been drinking all day before the crash. He reportedly said he was initially driving after leaving his brother’s house to get cigarettes, but claimed he stopped by and picked up his cousin, who took over driving.

Strowhouer added that they were planning on purchasing the cocaine in Chester City, according to police.

Strowhouer claimed his cousin drove erratically, smashed into the Subaru, then fled on foot after the crash. The suspect added that he held onto his cousin’s shirt while the man exited the vehicle, which is why his own blood was found in the driver’s side of the vehicle. The unnamed cousin reportedly lives in Puerto Rico.

Authorities questioned Strowhouer’s brother, who apparently confirmed the suspect had indeed been drinking all day. The brother said Strowhouer left his home alone at about 9 p.m. while “highly intoxicated.” Detectives also determined that the cousin was not at the funeral with the rest of the family the day prior. They were told the cousin was not in town at all, but actually at home in Puerto Rico.

Investigators noted that the passenger side seat belt was retracted and had not been in use, despite the suspect saying he was in the passenger seat with his seatbelt on when the crash occurred. Police found Strowhouer’s driver’s license, his cellphone, and wallet in the floorboard of the driver’s side.

Strowhouer was arrested and charged with homicide by vehicle while DUI, aggravated assault by vehicle, and additional related offenses.

“He has done jail time for every previous offense, and he’s done so with increasing severity,” Delaware County District Attorney Katayoun Copeland said on Tuesday. “Every single time, he has faced at least, if not more, the mandatory minimum … He has also done time for violation of parole and probation.”

In his most recent previous conviction, Strowhouer served a little over a year of a five-year jail sentence. He was paroled last fall, according to

Strowhouer remains behind bars without bail. Check back with CrimeOnline as additional details become available.

[Feature Photo: David Strowhouer/Police Handout]