Patrick Frazee hit Kelsey Berreth so hard that her teeth flew out; baby was in playpen as her mom was being brutally murdered: Docs

An arrest affidavit for Patrick Frazee released on Wednesday reveals the horrific details of Kelsey Berreth’s alleged murder.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Frazee’s apparent mistress, Krystal Lee Kenney, provided a detailed account of Berreth’s presumed murder in interviews with investigators. Kenney admitted to cleaning up the bloody crime scene, and taking steps to murder Berreth herself, at Frazee’s behest, before ultimately abandoning the plan. She pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence, and claims that Frazee alone murdered Berreth on November 22 in the young mother’s Woodland Park, Colorado, townhome before calling Kenney in Idaho, saying “You’ve got a mess to clean up.”

According to the affidavit, Kenney told investigators that there was blood all over the townhome when she arrived nearly a day and a half after the murder. She also claimed that Frazee admitted to hitting Berreth in the head with a bat, after he distracted her by covering her eyes and asking her to guess the scent of a candle. Kenney claims that he told her to keep an eye out for a loose tooth that may have gotten away, as he said he hit Berreth so hard that some of her teeth became dislodged. Kenney said she found the tooth and disposed of it.

Frazee also allegedly said that his 1-year-old daughter with Berreth was in a playpen in a “back room” in the home while he was murdering her mother. Kenney said that she found blood on the baby’s toys and stuffed animals, along with many other items in the residence. She said it took several hours to clean.

According to the affidavit, Kenney told investigators that Frazee had removed Berreth’s body on November 22 and kept it stored at a location called Nash Ranch until after Kenney arrived, at which time they moved the body to his ranch in Florissant, and burned it along with the evidence Frazee had taken from the scene.

Although Kenney said she could not be sure Berreth’s body was still inside a black tote bag Frazee had used to carry it at the time the bag was burned, law enforcement officials said at Wednesday’s preliminary hearing that they believe the body was in fact inside the bag.

The judge presiding at the hearing ordered Frazee to trial, and the defendant is due back in court for his next hearing in April.