Mayor illegally practicing medicine in his home opens fire on SWAT team trying to serve a warrant: Cops

Authorities in Florida say a mayor is facing criminal charges after he allegedly opened fire on officers at his home to serve a warrant on Thursday.

According to WFTS, Port Richey Mayor Dale Massad is accused of shooting at members of a Pasco County SWAT team attempting to serve a warrant related to allegations that he had been practicing medicine despite having lost his license in 1992.

Sheriff Chris Nocco released a statement on the matter, concluding that Massad is “lucky he’s not dead” as a result of the incident.

“I used to live up in the D.C. area,” the sheriff said. “They had [former Mayor] Marion Barry up there. This is Port Richey’s version.”

Nocco described Massad, who has had previous run-ins with the law, as an “individual that you wouldn’t believe should be in office.”

Neighbor Cindy Stark was similarly outraged by the news.

“I am totally disgusted,” she said. “It just blows my mind that we could elect a leader that would not only be breaking crime. But shooting at the police,” said Stark.

Police reports allege he had treated patients in his home, including one procedure that reportedly required hospitalization for one individual.

Local media reports show police were called to the mayor’s home dozens of times last year. In August, he and his girlfriend were arrested on suspicion of domestic violence.

In connection with the latest incident, Massad is expected to face a criminal count of attempted murder.

“Angels were looking over us this morning and thankfully, our deputies are going to go home to their families,” Nocco concluded.

[Featured image: Dale Massad, handout]